I Should'a known better...

very seldom do i even bother to post about something i didn't like. mostly out of respect for the difficulties associated with creating, i just like to let go of my displeasure rather than spread it around.but every once in awhile, a special film comes around that pulls me out of my comfort zone...

flightplan is bad. when i saw the trailer, i suspected as much, but i let my friends talk me into watching it anywyay (that's where ya lost!).
here's what i knew going in:
1) the story:
the usually awesome Jodie Foster plays a greiving wife and mother who is flying on a humongous plane (that SHE designed!) from europe to the u.s. to bury her recently deceased husband. with her she has her cute little blonde-haired daughter...
she takes a nap or something, and wakes up to find her kid missing (gasp and clutch the pearls!)... to make matters worse... not one of the HUNDREDS of other passenger or crew members can recall seeing her daughter at all. she panics and uses her knowledge of the plane to evade the crew and air marshall (who think she is either lying or nuts)while she searches for her baby girl!
2)the twist:

is Jodie crazy, or is there some kind of plot or conspiracy going on here? YOU MUST KNOW!!!
3) my initial conclusion:
this movie is either gonna suck bad, or maaaaaybe be the bomb (it would require some kinda plot twist that i can't see coming, otherwise it can only suck...), no room in between.
with those the only options, my forecast is that it will suck. while j.foster has a history of being in legit emotional thrillers, i just couldn't see how they are gonna explain the whole plane full'a folks not seeing the kid (people always notice cute little blonde-haired toddlers!)...

but my friends said:
"but samax... it might be tight. jodie foster wouldn't be in it if it was REAL bad..."
i've learned that one of my character flaws is that i always think i'm right (don't start...), so i figured "maybe i'm wrong on this one..."
After the movie i concluded:
well, it was worse than i expected. not only did they have the whole plane of people not notice the kid, the bad guys that orchestrated the whole thing had that as THE LYNCHPIN OF THEIR WHOLE PLAN!!! they enacted a machiavellian plot that hinged on the fact that 450 people, plus the airline staff WOULD NOT NOTICE THE LITTLE GIRL!!!

this movie, which was well shot, well acted and well paced, was also based on the worst script... no, the worst IDEA i've ever seen on film! how did such an irrational screenplay ever get shot? how many people approved this mess without reading it? who paid for it? i'll just see if they'll give me some money to make comics! and couldn't any of the actors tell that this story didn't make sense? i went ahead and watched it thinking there was a slim chance that it'd be good (i put my trust in jodie foster...mistake), next time i'll trust my insticts.

after all, i'm not ALWAYS right, but i'm not a bad bet...

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