Straight Outta Palestine

i just watched this movie Slingshot Hip Hop on Sundance Channel. it's a fresh documentary about the first Palestinian rap group DAM, and other groups that came up after them. this mess was the bomb! inspired by the likes of Wu-tang, 2Pac, and Public Enemy, these kids risk their necks to create hip hop that they believe will be instrumental to chant down their oppressors. i don't know if i could have sat through a documentary about the Palestinean condition, but being the hip hop nerd that i am, i was easily able to stay engaged to all the political information. it was fascinating to see how these kids from a culture that can take all the hyperbolies of gangster rap literally absorb all genres of rap equally.
good stuff.


Anonymous said...

thank u 4 the nice review :)
and here is the new trailer


Anonymous said...

Suhell Nafar of DAM

samax said...

thanks, brother!
i'll update the post!

Check this out!

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