Lawyers are watching the Watchmen...

movie studio 20th Century Fox has applied for an injunction blocking the release of 2009 Warner Bros blockbuster film Watchmen (based on the fan-favorite graphic novel of the same name), claiming Warner Bros did not properly secure all the rights to make the film. According to The New York Times, Fox asserts that they should'a been consulted with, since they have partial rights to the film. Fox just wants some of that Dark Knight paper... the judge presiding over the case blocked the release of The Dukes of Hazard in 2005, leading to a settlement of around $17.5 milli. given that Dark Knight's raked in $500 million domestic (and counting) expect Fox to turn its nose up to something as paltry as $17.5m, and there's no way the WB execs are gonna let the movie get delayed, so mark down another black eye for Time-Warner... the only question is how bad will the settlement be...

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