Dope on a rope...

okay... i have a small dvd collection so i borrow movies from my friends (mostly khalid...) and watch them over and over 'till they make me give 'em back...
this weeks movie is Fight Club starring Brad Pitt (12 Monkeys, Troy) and Ed Norton ( 25th Hour, American History X)...directed by David Fincher (Se7en)

gah! this movie is the bomb! i've watched it like 15 times in the past week! brad pitt and ed norton have crazy chemistry onscreen... and the dialouge and direction are gonzo. fincher needs to direct a comicbook movie... like Daredevil 2 (with Pitt Replacing Affleck as Matt Murdock, of course) or a Wolverine spinoff. if i was running things for Marvel or DC, i would definitely tap Fincher to adapt something... the tone of his films reflects the jaded, conspiracy-theory-laden vibe of post-Watchmen comics (did you say "what is watchmen?" PHILLISTINE!!! peep this:
while i've been working on stuff for my portfolio, i played this movie in the background... i'm really impressed with it! i think when i get some money, i'm gonna buy it (the good movies are never cheap)!
(NOTE: i wrote this review a long time ago... i have Fight Club on DVD now. yay!)




Arkonbey said...

Fight Club, film = good.

Fight Club, the Chuck Palahniuk book the film was based on = good.

he apparently gets miffed when people tell him "oh, Fight Club was a book, too?"

samax said...

not an uncommon (or hard to understand) response from authors of books-turned-movies... but they need to check the bank account and calm down.

then again, being brilliant means never having to say you're sorry, eh?

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