Santa Claws came Early

Okay. i just watched a full-length cut of the new marvel mutant movie that isn't supposed ta be out yet... (click the pic on the left and you can stream it like me or download it if you're not in the mood for "buffering"... be quick about it! it will likely be gone soon...). i'm sure the blogosphere is blowing up with hate over the changes they made to "the continuity" of the character... but you won't get any of that here. the leak is missing special effects in places, but not so much that you can't follow the story.
I thought Origins was pretty cool for the first 75% of the movie (i just noticed, i tend to like the build up of comics adaptations, then feel disappointed with the pay off). as i was watching it, i wondered (as usual) why they don't make a rated R Wolverine movie. Logan's claim to fame is being one of comics' top two killing machines (i THINK he's killed more people than the Punisher, but don't quote me on that...), and yet they insist on the "Trick Luh Da Kids" approach (after seeing Watchmen, the case for an R-rated mutant film is made even stronger), as if you can't still sell action figures if there's gore in the movie... but i digress.
Baby Huey returns as the prrrobably Canadian mutant with a mysterious past that this movie unveils. you actually won't spend the first 3/4ths of the movie trying to figure out how Wolverine forgets about Sabretooth and Stryker (who Logan runs into in X-men and X2 respectively), and the director should be credited for that. I enjoyed the backstory, but purists will get irritated with the changes that they took with the characters. Bryan Singer's X-men established pretty well that the film series isn't retreading the cannon, just using it for inspiration (Iceman, a founding member of the team was reduced to junior status, Angel didn't debut until X3).
anyways, as i elluded to earlier, i didn't care for the last part of the movie. they turned a character i liked into the corniest damned mutant assassin ever as the final bad guy. hopefully, they will cut some of the ending, which seemed to drag out like it was hoping i would kiss it goodnight.
I enjoyed the movie overall. Gambit is in it, and he's pretty cool. it was not a great film, or a faithful adaptation, but more of the same. so if you liked the other films, you'll probably like Origins.


Arkonbey said...

Hugh is a good Wolverine, but it has two things I hate: Gambit and bone claws.

Also, is Sabretooth as lame as the previews made him look.

yup, me = nerd.

samax said...

actually, Creed was decent. they are using computer animation to enhance his movements so he leaps and moves more like an animal.

i'm a nerd too, so it takes a minute for me to get into Baby Huey as Wolverine (he's too TALL!), but he's actually grown on me.

Check this out!

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