Moore of the Same?

this is a repost from my original review of V for Vendetta (also adapted from a comic by Alan Moore) on
i could hardly contain myself... there are plot twists in this movie that follow exactly what was in the comic. my boy, khalid, had never read the graphic novel, and i hate to give anything away... so contain myself i did.

i went into this afraid that i would hate it. i always try to ignore the fact that a movie is adapting a comic i love (as i did V), but ultimately the letdown is often too much... thankfully, this was not one of those times!

V for Vendetta was AWESOME!

no, it was not the best movie i've ever seen. and no, it wasn't as good as the comic. but it wasn't clumsy, unbelievable or boring. if i could say that about every comicbook adaptation, i'd be a much happier camper!

there were plenty of opportunities for the movie to turn corny, but it didn't. the wachowskis wrote the screenplay, and took the opportunity to take jabs at the Bush administation (as Alan Moore did at Thatcher in the 80's graphic novel), and the religious right a little more overtly than in the Matrix films, but it was all done in a way that allowed the story to stay on top, where it belonged.
A veteran of comics who is highly revered in a medium that already tends to worship its greats, and who has had several works made into films (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell and now Watchmen), Moore hasn't been very enthusiastic about the adaptations of his work, going so far as demanding his name be removed from the Watchmen film. well, that's his right, do what you gotta do Mr. Moore...

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