CN Spits hot FIYAH with "Firebreather"

I can't say that I honestly expected the made-for-teevee animated movie Firebreather to be all that good. I was glad to be wrong.

Cartoon Network's new movie Firebreather tells the story of Duncan Rosenblatt, an orange-skinned teenager trying to find his place at a new school. As it turns out, Duncan is the son of the sky-scraping flame-spitting monster-king Belloc, who expects his decidedly human-sized son to take the reigns to his monster empire. Duncan lives with his mother, who inexplicably conceived a child with a 200 foot tall dragon, and just wants Duncan to have a normal life. Soon Belloc returns and brings his giant-monster madness with him. Despite the teams of government agents who watch his every move, Duncan's only real hope of surviving the waves of subterranean monsters bent on killing him to claim Belloc's crown is to master his emerging monster powers. And did I mention he's got a couple different chicks digging his orange complexion and keen fashion sense? So yeah, there's that.
I complain a lot about the premature proclamation of the demise of 2-d animation, with studios chasing that Shrek paper, so some of my readers were perplexed that I was so excited to watch this movie. I really just wanted to watch Firebreather because I loved the awesome Image comic it was based on.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the anime-inspired character designs and action sequences were pretty good for a teevee movie, and the story stands up to multiple viewings.
The buzzing has already started about whether or not Cartoon Network plans to spin Firebreather off into an ongoing series, and I add my voice to those hoping they do. As someone who reads the comic, I know there's more than enough material in the story framework, and I would really enjoy seeing just how much they change for television. I was intrigued by the portrayal of Belloc, and his mysterious relationship with Duncan's mom. The other supporting cast members were cool too, and they floated lots of hints at other story possibilities. So if Cartoon Network IS planning to do an ongoing Firebreather toon, there's plenty of potential there.

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