I'm watching that Teen Titans - Trouble in Tokyo joint on the DVR... this mess is fun and original, but still brings the 'toon violence for cats like me! I found it on youtube for the fam, but you can click the pic if you want it for your teevee...

here's the sales pitch:
When a high-tech ninja from the Far East attacks Titans Tower, ROBIN, STARFIRE, CYBORG, RAVEN, and BEAST BOY spring into action and bring him down. But when Robin finds out the ninja was sent by a mysterious and menacing Japanese criminal known as BRUSHOGUN ... our heroes realize that the action isn't over -- it's just getting started. So the Titans pack their bags, hop in the T-Ship, and take off for Tokyo on mission to track down Brushogun -- and bring him to justice. But can our teenage heroes stay out of trouble in the City That Never Blinks? And can Robin solve the mystery of Brushogun before our villain takes down the Titans -- and destroys everything Robin is?

Teen Titans Go! had its critics, but I was most definitely not one of them. It had a fun mesh of eastern influence and western animation style. The creative teams always figured out exciting and funny ways to keep the story and action fresh. All the characters are well-designed and interesting... and Robin in particular (taking a cue from Batman: The Animated Series) is surprisingly grim and brutal. This is especially true of Trouble in Tokyo which climaxes with the Boy Wonder delivering a beatdown so vicious he ends up in Jail! If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend that you check it out.

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