Once again, back is the Incredible...

it's a GREAT time to be a comic book nerd....
so i went to the matinee to catch The Incredible HULK, the new action/sci-fi flick based on the fan favorite Marvel monster comic... and it was DOPE!!! in case you're wondering, it totally ignores the existance of Ang Lee's much-maligned 2003 attempt, and reboots the franchise, so there's no need to fear Nick Nolte strolling onto the scene and turning into a lightning bolt... which is not to say that The Incredible HULK exists in a vacuum, because it doesn't.
The Incredible Hulk - Secret (Spoilers!)

In fact, i think i can tell you without giving too much away, that this film follows in the footsteps of that other, better Marvel heropic Iron Man, in that it grounds Hulk firmly in the Marvel Universe. the fun thing about it is they manage to do it without taking away from the movie-ness of it... nerds... i mean enthusiasts like myself will have a blast geekin' over minutia, but the filmmakers didn't let the easter-egg hunt interfere with the story moving along. Incredible Hulk is a real movie, with emotion, stakes, decent acting, and a semi-believable plot that the average summer blockbuster fan can enjoy whether they know the multiple incarnations of the Hulk or not!
The Incredible Hulk - Hulk vs. Abomination

now, go watch it and let me know what YOU thought!

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