I Know Kung Fu...

okay, so me and the wife finally went to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. it's a dreamworks movie, so i had not thought it would be as good as the average Pixar joint, but they did a GREAT job on this one...
This movie had great design and a well-constructed, family-friendly story of a slacker/dreamer who has to learn to believe in himself and reach his full potential. I'm not all that impressed with the scattered pop-culture humor Dreamworks usually resorts to in their 3d films, but the humour in Kung Fu Panda is tightly packed and focused in the film, with fanboy references that true Kung Fu heads will catch without being a distraction to the chi-impaired.
the movie had all-around splendid design, from the character designs (you'll love Angelina Jolie's character, Master Tigress and the elderly turtle sensei Master Oogway)to the soundtrack. the environments were especially well-conceived, and thankfully, so were the fight scenes! the fight scene choreographer was actually trained in Kung Fu, and all the animators got Kung Fu lessons to prepare for the film! and it shows, as the fight scenes are among the best i've ever seen in an american cartoon!

the opening sequence and end titles employed 2d animation and were so fabulous it made me wanna see DreamWorks do more 2d joints too! Anyways, please go watch this movie... we need to see more films executed on this level.

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