Movies that Should Be Comics #17: Action Jackson

After several high-profile sidekick roles, Carl Weathers proved he could carry a movie wall to wall in the 1988 smash Action Jackson, where he starred alongside Prince protege Vanity (The Last Dragon). Action Jackson is one of my favorite action movies. Weathers is a good actor and a better screen presence than many of the action heroes that you can name.
Your man Craig T Nelson (Coach) holds it down as prototypical eighties evil rich dude Peter Dellaplane, a villain who deserves to be immortalized with Weathers’ stalwart supercop Jericho Jackson in comics form.

This basic revenge story could get beefed up a little for the longer format of comics, and Delleplane’s cadre of assassins, the cleverly dubbed Invisible Men could have the space and time to really shine. And even after the plot and characters from the film are all exhausted, I think Jericho had plenty more stories in him. Hollywood and movie audiences may not have been ready in the eighties, but I know comics fans would eat it up (at least, I know I would)...
p.s.- I write and illustrate a column in GhettoManga magazine called Movies That Should Be Comics. this is an excerpt from the Fall 2010 issue. You can get a print of this this mock Action Jackson comicbook cover free with a paid subscription to GhettoManga. for details, click here.


Nick Marino said...

I'd read an Action Jackson comic book in a heartbeat!!!

samax said...

YUP! Me too!

Check this out!

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