Snitching for Fun and Profit

after weeks of self-imposed deadline-related exile, i went to the the sneakeasy* with my man Corance (creator of Champion of Children and 1/5th of the mighty Ghostwerks crew) and saw two totally different movies (namely Zombieland and The Informant!) and really enjoyed them both, for different reasons, of course.

The Informant! stars Matt Damon and is directed by Steven Sorderbergh, but it is anything but another Ocean's 11 sequel! Matt Damon holds it down as the title character, a dumpy corporate exec who decides to turn into a whistle-blower about an international price-fixing scheme his company is involved in. Damon is 100% convincing in this movie, a sure bet to get one of the movie's inevitable multiple Oscar nominations for its slick writing, direction and acting. Damon's usual badass/sex symbol physique is gone, puffed up to regular-guy proportions and matched with a quirky, mid-western everyman performance.

As i watched this movie, keeping as tight a grip to the slippery story as i could, i was impressed with the caliber of character acting in the movie. little moments in this film are hilarious because they just let the characters and situations be taken at face value. only as I watched the last few scenes of the movie did I catch on to what was really going on, and after the movie was over, Corance and I were able to talk about what we saw for hours. it's a great movie if for anyone who can appreciate good acting and story. I can't wait to see this movie again on DVD or cable, so i can pick it apart and appreciate just how well it was constructed. good stuff!

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