For the Love of Money...

i recently watched this again... no matter what you think of Mario Van Peebles, you gotta give it up for New Jack City! Snipes' sinister turn as the seductive, ultra-cool prototypical gangster (they hadn't started callin' 'em "gangstaz" yet...) has defined his career: Westley played this role so well, it's the ghost he's been chasing ever since! one of my boys remarked to me "i don't care WHO you talk to, EVERYBODY knows Nino Brown!", and he's right... Snipes portrayal of the original gorilla-pimp kingpin made him a houshold name! anyways, if you are one of the few who still doesn't have New Jack City in your collection, swing by the gM store and COP THAT!

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J.R. LeMar said...

Oh, I agree, this was definitely a classic. This and Boyz N The Hood really set off the whole "Hood movie" phase of the early 90's, for better or worse, but most couldn't live up to this. Nothing really caught up to this until American Gangster.

Check this out!

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