if you need a little spice in your life...

you should check out Paprika, directed by Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers,Paranoia Agent) about a psychotherapist-turned sexy dream-diving-superheroine battling against terrorists attempting to use stolen technology to unhinge reality!

Kon is right at home here, directing this adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's 1993 novel that seriously blurs the line between dreams and reality... and the mysterious villains in Paprika intend to do just that. they will certainly succeed too, if the efforts of the films title character fail. the fast-moving, mind-bender revolves around a still-experimental device designed to allow therapists to enter into the dreams of their patients to better diagnose and treat them. Thus, the reserved scientist/therapist Dr. Chibi traverses the dreamscape in the guise of her free-wheeling young superchick alter ego Paprika.
but we wouldn't have much of a movie if the devices were not stolen and abused to bring about a twisted apocalypse of biblical proportions, now would we? Paprika is as imaginative and beautifully animated a film as i have seen in years. On the heels of director Satoshi Kon's foray into television on the inimitable Paranoia Agents, he has again spun a tale with the sublime animation and unnerving storytelling that made him famous. Paprika is currently out on the art-house circuit... if you live in a major city, check your listings! other wise, i'm sure you can cop a bootleg or something. this joint gets my highest recommendation!
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