Still my favorite Comicbook Movie...

Feeling Much Better Now... by Samax Amen
The Crow is still my favorite comicbook movie (since people always argue that The Matrix and Unbreakable technically don't count). All the hooplah, cash flow, and studio biting surrounding Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (and of course the death of Heath Ledger) called to question which was greater, and even though I'm probably alone in this, I'll side with The Crow. 
I guess it's important to note that I have never read the comic, although I have met James O' Barr, the creator of The Crow. He's a great artist, but I didn't care for the style of the comic at the time. When I think of the Crow, I think of the character as portrayed by the late Brandon Lee. In the movie, Lee did a great job of making Eric Draven seem like the tortured badass that O'barr intended.  As much as I enjoyed the movie, I have never watched any of the sequels or the teevee show (there was a teevee show, wasn't there?). Somehow, it just didn't seem right.
anyways, I drew this pic for a local sketch group I joined called MetroSketchual. This week's theme was The Crow. for more, go to the MetroSketchual blog.
(r.i.p. Brandon Lee)

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